Studying Social Work

bachelor's study


Bachelor's degree is undergraduate academic degree awarded by University upon completion of a course of study lasting three (full time) to four years (part time). Undergraduate Social Work study at our department focuses on student preparation in the field of social work in a wide range of theoretical research of social work practice, field study and student growth.

The bachelor's degree program is mainly extensive in meaning of the theoretical foundation of social work methods and forms and the development of student's competencies. The study has an interdisciplinary character. Its content is based on sociological, psychological, philosophical, legal and ethical systems. Its aim is to build a new quality of knowledge through the interaction between social, legal and other disciplines. Therefore, Social work integrates various aspects including social, socio-cultural, socio-psychological, socio-legal, socio-economic and socio-political phenomena with main focus on analysing, correcting, developing and providing assistance at micro-social, inter-social and macro-social level.

The aim of the bachelor study is to develop the concept of social work as an academic applied discipline, support the ability to professionally and critically think, to understand social problem, analyse and implement theoretical models directly into the practice, acquire the skills of professional social work, and develop students' personal potential.

Every student of social work receives theoretical knowledge in social work, is able to apply this knowledge and skills in social work practice, support work of social services in primary prevention activities, fieldwork, outpatient, semi-residual, residential and post-residential forms of social work.

Study possibilities:

Field of study: Social Work

Study program: Social Work

Degree: Undergraduate Academic Degree /Bachelor (Bc.)

Form of study: Full Time / 3 Years Study

Form of study: Part Time  / 4 Years Study

master's study


Master Degree

Master degree is graduate academic degree awarded by University upon completion of a course of study lasting two (full time) to three years (part time). Student must holding a bachelor's degree in order to be granted admission. The aim of master study is to prepare graduates for a career in the field of Social work, trough the understanding of socio-political contexts, management and its methods and by conducting of social research. The Master's degree is intensive. Its content is based on the scientific and methodological concepts of social sciences and social work. The second stage of training connects the professional, research, management and intervention aspects of social theory and practice.

The main aim of master studies is to encourage, prepare and develop academic, research, political and management concepts of Social Work. Implement theoretical knowledge in social work practice and develop professional and personal potential of students for competent execution of their work in the field of social work.

The graduate will master theoretical concepts of social work, social policy and management. He / She will be able to realize conceptual solutions to social problems, participate in solving quality of life issues and to solve conceptual issues with different vulnerable groups. The graduate will be prepared to hold managerial positions in the social field, plan prevention and implement intervention programs. In the field of research, he / she will be able to coordinate and carry out social research, using quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Student during his / her master studies may specialize in the following areas:

· Counselling - therapeutic direction

· Social Politic - socio-political direction

· Management - managerial direction

· Media – media direction

· Forensic social work

· Socio-health care for seniors

· International migration and development

· Social work in healthcare (lectures only in English language)


Study possibilities:

Field of study: Social Work

Study program: Social Work

Degree: Graduate Academic Degree /Master (Mgr.)

Form of study: Full Time / 2 Years Study

Form of study: Part Time  / 3 Years Study

Language: Slovak

Specialization: Social work in health care - lectures only in English language.

doctoral study

The aim of the doctoral study program is to create a specialized form of training doctoral students for the field of social work in a wide range of theoretical investigations of social practice. Unlike some models of pre-gradual and gradual preparation of social workers with more extensive content the doctoral study of social work has more intensive character. It is focused on methodology of science and theoretical aspects of social work. In the sphere of research the focus is either on one particular phenomenon or on several phenomena with an intensive immersion in the problem area.