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Academic Library

About the library

The Academic Library of the Faculty of Education, Comenius University is an information centre which was established in order to support pedagogical and scientific research at the faculty. The Library with its literary and information fund, literary research, and other information services helps researchers, pedagogical workers and students of all types of studies in completing their everyday tasks. 

As a branch of the Academic Library of Comenius University, the Library of the Faculty of Education altogether with the other libraries of the Comenius University co-create the Union online catalogue (the registered users may ask for publications via the internet). The library also builds up the publication database  of teachers and PhD candidates from the Faculty of Education. Simultaneously, it provides the accesses to all other textual databases.

Providing all services is governed by the Library instructions and by the Instructions for borrowing books. (For pricelist, check the documents)

Where can you find us

Study room from academic literature,
Bibliographical study room and periodicals,
Study room of foreign languages

Address: Šoltésovej 4, ground floor, no. 57, 58, 59
Tel: +421 2 9015 9313
        +421 2 9015 9314
        +421 2 9015 9311

E-mail: jazykova(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Borrowing library,
Study room qualification works,
Media Library - multimedia study room

Address: Šoltésovej 4, basement, no. 033, 036 + 040
Tel: +421 2 9015 9309, +421 2 9015 9308
E-mail: pozicovna(at)fedu.uniba.sk, kvalifikacne.prace(at)fedu.uniba.sk


extended service (Tuesdays) 17.00. 27/09/2016 from throughout the academic year 2016/2017

scanner for student in the study room from academic literature (ground floor) at no. 57

scanner for disadvantaged students in the Mediathek (basement) at no. 040

Opening hours

Monday 9.00 -12.00 13.00 - 15.30
Tuesday 9.00 -12.00 13:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 9.00 -12.00 13.00 - 15.30
Thursday 9.00 -12.00 13.00 - 15.30
Friday 9.00 -12.00