For applicants


Application deadline: 1 January to 31 March 2024
Date of the talent/oral tests: 13-17 May 2024

Applies to the following study programmes: combined art education, combined musical arts teaching, combined psychology teaching, combined preschool and elementary education, special education, therapeutic education, speech therapy.

Date of the written tests:10-14 June 2024

Applicable to the following study programmes: combined teaching of English language and literature, combined teaching of Spanish language and literature, speech therapy.

Deadline for receipt of a certified copy of the school leaving certificate: 14 June 2024 at the latest
Admission fee: EUR 50 per application (max. 2 study programmes)
Open Day: 27 January 2024
General conditions for applicants for the Bachelor's degree:
  • Applicants apply electronically to study for any two Bachelor's degree programmes. B.Sc. degree programmes, which he/she lists in order of priority. Do not send the application form by post.
  • The e-application form and manual can be found on our website from 1 January 2024.
  • Admission requirements depend on the chosen study programme, information can be found from November 2023 at
  • An applicant is admitted to study on the basis of a talent test, an oral or written entrance examination and the average of his/her marks in the final school-leaving examination.
  • An applicant is admitted to only one study programme at a time. The faculty respects the preferred study programme indicated by the applicant on the application form in the first place.


Study programmes with a talent/oral entrance examination:
  • Art Education Combined, Psychology Teacher Education Combined, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Special Education, Therapeutic Education, Speech Therapy.


Study programmes with written entrance examination:
  • Teaching of English language and literature combined (level B2), Teaching of Spanish language and literature combined (level B1), Speech therapy.


Study programmes without an entrance examination (if the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the study programme, the selection of applicants and is based on the average of the final examination marks):
  • Teacher of Slovak language and literature combined, Teacher of German language and literature combined (from B1 level), Teacher of Italian language and literature combined (also for beginners), Teacher of history combined, Teacher of pedagogy combined, Teacher of education for citizenship combined,
  • Social work.


Important information for international applicants:
Faculty of Education UK does not provide any study programme fully in foreign language. Our study programmes are pedagogical and even teaching of foreign languages are in combination with another subject which is fully taught in Slovak. All applicants have to prove knowledge of Slovak language at least at B2 level. All information about admissions for study for next year study in 2024/25 will be published at our web site in November 2023 All information is in Slovak as the understanding of the text is vital to master process of study. Firstly we recommend you to contact Comenius University, to enter preparatory courses of Slovak language, or to choose another faculty, which provide study programme in foreign languages