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Mgr. Lukáš KACEJ

Administrator for doctoral studies

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Administrator for science, research and art activities

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Administrator for projects

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Doctoral Studies

Accredited PhD. study programmes for the academic year 2015/2016

Scientific field

Study programme

Full-time study

External study

1.1.5.  Special education

Special education



1.1.8  Speech therapy

Speech therapy



1.1.6.  Pre-school and elementary education

Pre-school and elementary  education



3.1.14. Social work

Social work



1.1.10. Didactics of the academic field

Didactics of foreign languages



1.1.10. Didactics of the academic field

Didactics of art education



1.1.10. Didactics of the academic field

Didactics of Roman languages and cultures



Information on acredited study programmes

Information for applicants

Information for foreign PhD candidates enrolling in 2016/2017

General Information

PhD studies are the third level of university education. The applicants need to be MA graduates (or equivalent). The studies are aimed to prepare candidates for individual creative scientific work. The students will have received the knowledge based on the current scientific trends and, the candidates themselves will contribute by their own research to developing scientific knowledge in a particular field. Given these aims, PhD studies are quite demanding concerning time, candidates´ individual work and their time management. PhD graduates will have obtained the academic degree philosophiae doctor (PhD.). The faculty of education has received accreditation for several study programmes.

Accredited study programmes taught in foreign language:


Study programmeLanguageFull-time studyExternal study
Special education 
English, Czech3 years4 years
Speech therapyEnglish3 years5 years
Social workEnglish3 years4 years
Didactics of Roman languages and culturesEnglish3 years4 years
Didactics of foreign languages and literaturesEnglish, German3 years4 years
Didactics of historyEnglish3 years4 years
Pre-school and elementary educationEnglish3 years4 years
Didactics of art education
<output>of Artistic and Educational</output>
English3 years4 years

Following the accreditation, the faculty is allowed to open these study programmes. The faculty reserves the right not to open all programmes in each academic year. The faculty reserves the right not to accept the candidates who have not successfully passed the enter examinations.

Basic information

For foreign students residing and studying in the Slovak Republic the tuition is fully covered by the students themselves.  A full-time student becomes the member of the department, they are employed by the faculty and are awarded scholarship. A distant learning student is not employed by the faculty. They only attend the lectures and seminars at the faculty of education of Comenius University. The full time studies take 5 years and the distant learning studies 4 – 5 years (see above).

PhD studies in the academic year 2017/2018 are charged 1000€ per academic year (not per semester)

In PhD studies, the faculty applies the credit system. In each school year the PhD candidate needs to obtain a required number of credits. Candidates are awarded credits for their research work, attending lectures, their publications and other activities. The studies are governed by the Study rules valid for the given period at the Faculty of Education at Comenius University, regarding the specifics of the third level university education.

For further details about PhD studies, click here: https://www.fedu.uniba.sk/studium/doktorandske-studium/

Studies are supervised by candidate´s supervisor – an associate professor or a professor working in a given field or a related field who are approved by the scientific board of the Faculty of Education of Comenius University.

To complete their PhD studies, the successful candidates need to:

Receive an assigned number of credits (following required structure)   

Pass the dissertation exam (in subjects assigned according to the individual study programmes)

Write and defend the dissertation

For more details about courses in each study programme, the subjects of the dissertation exam and other candidates´ duties, click here:


Following the legislature, the faculty publishes the topics of dissertations and the names of supervisors at the faculty website. On the website, candidates may also find further information about enrolment and enter examination. An applicant chooses one of the topics which they state in their application form. The candidate will write their thesis with the supervisor who proposes the topic. The dissertation proposal (mentioned below) needs to focus on the topic of dissertation which the applicant will opt for.

For brief information about individual study programmes (guarantors, co-guarantors, required field of MA degree, preliminary information) click here:


How to submit the application form

Application forms are submitted in electronic and in printed form (see below)

An electronic application has been available since 3rd April 2017 at https://e-prihlaska.uniba.sk/ais/start.do

Instructions for electronic submission to the third level of university education

scroll down on the third level of university studies

notification: when the electronic application is printed, applicants need to enclose all the documents mentioned below and send them to the address of the Faculty of Education. Only those applicant will be successfully shortlisted who will have sent:

1.      Electronic application (through AIS 2) and simultaneously

2.      Printed application with all the attachments (see below)


Printed application:

With the printed application, candidates need to enclose:

1.      Curriculum Vitae signed

2.      Certified copy of the birth certificate

3.      Certified copy of MA diploma

4.      Certified copy of the State exam certificate in given field

5.      Certified copy of the State exam language certificate (if any)

6.      Certified copy of PaedDr., PhDr. Certificates

7.      Certified copy of marriage certificate if students are married (females only)

8.      Confirmation of applicant´s practice

9.      Confirmation of payment

10.  List of publications or a list of professional activities

11.  The dissertation proposal, 8 – 10 pages (two copies). The content: theoretical background, research objectives, research questions, research methods…etc). Please, attach the list of related publications you have studied, foreign resources are strongly preferred.


Foreign applicants need to have their university diploma verified. For more details, click here: http://www.fedu.uniba.sk/studium/pre-uchadzacov-o-studium/uznavanie-dokladov-o-vzdelani/

The deadline for submitting electronic application form is 14th July 2017

The deadline for submitting printed application is 14th July 2017

Notification: the electronic application form needs to be printed immediately after submission otherwise the system will close down and the application will not be available for later printing.

The enter examination fee: 80€

Payment details:



Pedagogicka fakulta UK v Bratislave


Šafárikovo nám. 6 P.O.BOX 440, 81499 Bratislava
Payment details:


Štátna pokladnica

Radlinského 32, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

Current account

SK92 8180 0000 0070 0008 3741
Variable symbol: 109 930

Confirmation of payment needs to be enclosed with the printed application form.
Only those applicants will be accepted for the enter examination who will have sent all documents listed above.
Each applicant can only sign up for one of the topics listed below.
The topic and the form of studies need to be stated in the application form.
Basic information about the enter examinations

The enter examinations are mandatory for all applicants. Only those applicants will be accepted for the enter examination who will have sent all documents.

The enter examinations are scheduled on 23.8. – 25.8.2017 and will be conducted in foreign language. Exact date and venue of the examination will be announced to the applicants in written form at the beginning of August 2017. The enter examinations cannot be postponed.

The enter examinations consist of

-  An interview in which all the related topics of the candidate´s research and their selected study programme are discussed

-  Questions related to the dissertation proposal that the applicant submitted with their application form

-  Testing the level of foreign language proficiency (the applicant holding a state exam diploma shall be exempted from taking the language test).

Further information will be provided at sufliarskafedu.uniba.sk

Please, submit the application form at the following address

Pedagogická fakulta UK
Račianska 59
813 34 Bratislava

Science and Research

Projects centre of the Department for science and doctoral studies of FEDU CU provides information and supports :

1. Financial resourses of research project: 

2. Legislation in science and research: 

3. List of the projects solved in 2011 at the FE CU, Bratislava:

Scientific Board

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