Faculty of EducationComenius University Bratislava


Department of science and doctoral studies

Vice-Dean for Science and Doctoral Studies

doc. PaedDr. Ján Gunčaga PhD.

E-mail: guncaga(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Room: R-202

Ing. Ľubica Jenčopaľová 

Administrator for doctoral studies

E-mail: jencopalova(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Phone No.: 00421-2-9015 9260

Room: R-203


Administrator for science, research and art activities

E-mail: sufliarska(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Phone No.: 00421-2-9015 9362

Room: R-203

Mgr. Pavol KMEC

Administrator for national and multinational projects

E-mail: kmec(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Phone No.:00421-2-9015 9387

Room: R-203

Ing. Rastislav SEČ

Administrator for projects

E-mail: sec(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Phone No.: 00421-2-9015 9361

Room: R-203

Doctoral Studies

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Scientific Board

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<output>Scientific Board</output>