About us

Department of Psychology and Pathopsychology is a typical academic educational-research centre. In the field of education, the activities of the department can be divided into several areas:

1. Psychological preparation of all students of teaching study programmes within the framework of the general teaching methodologies. The fundamental subjects are those focused on general, developmental, educational psychology and personality psychology. The basic disciplines are introduced through a range of obligatory and optional subjects. These subjects are designed to enable students to complete their professional profiles and to satisfy their specific professional interests.

2. In the academic year 1993/1994, the Master’s study program in Teaching of Psychology was launched, in combination with some other academic disciplines. The department members, in cooperation with external colleagues, teach all psychology disciplines of this study programme.

3. In the academic year 2015/2016, the Bachelor’s study program in Psychological and Career Counselling for Individuals with Disabilities was launched in a full-time and an external form of study in the field of psychology.

4. In the Department of Psychology and Pathopsychology students may be awarded the academic degree of PaedDr. in the academic discipline of Teaching of Academic Subjects with a major in Teaching of Psychology.

5. Educating all students of branches of Special Pedagogy and non-teaching disciplines in the subjects of General Pathopsychology and Psychology of Individuals with Different Kinds of Disabilities as well as Clinical Psychology.

Continuous research constitutes an important part of the Department’s activities since its establishment.

A section of the department, Psychological Counselling Centre, consists of the department staff who help students to solve their study as well as personal problems in form of counselling services.

In 2012, two new departments were established, based on the focus of research activities of the respective department’s staff:


Doc. PhDr. Blandína Šramová,PhD.
PhDr. Katarína Cabanová, PhD.
PaedDr. Anežka Hamranová, PhD.
Mgr. Miroslava Lemešová, PhD.
Doc. Mgr. Zlatica Zacharová, PhD.
Doc. PhDr. Mária Glasová, PhD.
Doc. MUDr. Viacheslav Basaliukov, PhD.
Mgr. Zuzana Štefanec, PhD.
PhDr. Mgr. et Mgr. Romana Schunová, PhD.
PaedDr. Eva Vancu, Ph.D. (MD)