The Section of Fine Arts Education

The Section of Fine Arts Education


Studying at the Section of Fine Arts Education

The Section of Fine Arts Education was established on 1 September 2023 by the transfer from the Department of Fine Arts Education to the Department of Arts and Culture. The Department of Fine Arts Education ceased to exist on 31 August 2023, it was a permanent and tribal part of the Faculty of Education of Comenius University in Bratislava since 1990.

At the Faculty of Education the Department of Fine Art Education have their firm place and mission that seeks to developand fulfil. The main task of The Department is to prepare professional educators. It guarantees the study of fine art education in the field of study Teaching and Educational Sciences and educational courses in a combined undergraduate and graduate level as well as a PhD studies programme in Didactics of Fine Arts. We provide a full university education in these fields. In addition, we were granted the right to act in the rigorous examination of the study program Teaching Fine Arts (PaedDr). In addition, the Department provides, in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University, a substantial part of the programme for the University of the Third Age (Art history I. ‑ III.), which was significantly broadened with an ever‑increasing interest of applicants. We offer adequate programmes within the training of elementary school teachers and we have prepared an educational offer for other attestations of the teachers. The Department is also involved in training students in the field of study Teaching pre-school and elementary education, social pedagogy and therapeutic pedagogy. The Department of Fine Art Education is open to cooperation with other departments within the faculty. Teaching at the Department of Fine Art Education is currently developed by structures within the existing accreditation file. We can say that the necessary blending and composition of the courses are set up so that the students are given the opportunity to fully-fledged education guaranteed in all fields with the appropriate final output.

The Department of Fine Art Education is not ashamed of its past, on the contrary, it can build its programme on it and relate to tradition since the foundation of the Faculty of Education (1946) and the Department with the work of important personalities such as Jozef Kostka, Koloman Sokol, Orest Dubay, Bedrich Hoffstädter, Karol Ondreička and others.

Our teachers are involved in solving research problems through KEGA and VEGA. Members of the Department of Fine Art Education actively participate in various professional events, conferences at home and abroad, some colleagues are members of the Habilitation Commission, specifically aimed at pedagogical faculties. Educators of this Department also organize special international conferences on our soil ground.

In the ERASMUS+ programme we are facilitating contacts and cooperating with foreign and domestic institutions. Students and also teachers utilize the mobility. We are currently working with the Pedagogical Faculty in Ostrava, Olomouc, Ústí nad Labem, the Masaryk University in Brno, the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. In addition, we also cooperate with the departments of similar orientation in Slovakia. Students regularly participate in study visits within the ERASMUS+ programme at the local and foreign faculties, where they have the opportunity to compare educational opportunities with ours and can acquire valuable practical and theoretical knowledge and experience. The Department of Fine Art Education provides this also for the incoming foreign students.