9. International conference on PhD research

The 9th International Conference on PhD research in Philology took place on May 11th, 2023 online via videoconference in MS Teams.

The aim of the conference was to create a forum for the presentation of the results of the scientific research work of doctoral students in philology with a focus on the didactics of foreign languages and literatures, including Slovak as a foreign language, as well as on foreign languages and cultures.

Dear colleagues,
dear doctoral students,

allow me to thank you all for your participation in the organization, the assessment of abstracts, as well as your work as scientific guarantors, moderators, speakers and discussants in the 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PhD RESEARCH at the Institute of Philological Studies of the Faculty of Education of Comenius University and thus contributed to its successful course.

I especially want to thank the dean, Prof. PeadDr. Katarína Žilková, PhD., who came to greet our conference. We perceive her participation in the 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PhD RESEARCH as her recognition of our work and as support for this long-standing tradition.

I am pleased that the conference had a positive response from the international participants as well, as evidenced by their thank you emails. At the conference, they appreciated the pleasant creative working atmosphere, the excellent organization and technical management of the conference, the opportunity to discuss their scientific research with colleagues hut they appreciate most that teachers from the departments of the Institute of Philological Studies also participated in the conference and provided them with valuable professional advice.

Thanks to all of you who perceive our collegiality and support our joint work.


Yours faithfully,
Prof. PhDr. Mária Vajičková, CSc.
Director of the Institute