Final theses and state exams

Instructions for students on submitting final theses at PdF UK

The submission of final theses at PdF UK is governed by Internal Regulation No. 32/2023 Directive of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava on the basic requirements of final theses, rigorous theses and habilitation theses, control of their originality, storage and accessibility at Comenius University in Bratislava.


The students also have at their disposal a pictorial manuál demonštrujúci podrobný postup administrácie záverečných prác v AiS2.

In accordance with the methodological guidelines for the organisation of studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, the following guidelines apply in AR 2022/23:


1. The student shall submit the final thesis (hereinafter referred to as the thesis) only in electronic form within the deadlines specified in the Schedule of Studies at PdF UK. A printed version of the thesis does not need to be submitted. 


Ensure sufficient time to enter the thesis into the AiS2 system - we recommend at least 24 hours before the system closes (the whole process of registering the thesis may take a few tens of minutes).


2. If there are barriers to timely processing of the ToR, the student may, with the agreement of his/her supervisor, change the assignment or modify the title of his/her ToR without a request, so that he/she can process it using the data and materials already available to him/her. The supervisor will modify the ToR in the relevant sections in the academic information system and the Head of Department will then approve it.


3. Before submitting the TOR, the student checks that the title of the thesis in the TOR Assignment is identical to the title of the thesis on the cover sheet and cover of the TOR. The electronic form of the TOR must also contain a scanned copy of the assignment without signatures. The structure of the ToR is followed by the cover, the cover sheet and then the ToR assignment.


4. The student lists the department (not the institute) of his/her program of study as the thesis supervisor on the cover sheet of the thesis, even if the thesis is supervised by a teacher from a different department. The title page includes, among other things, the name of the field of study (without number). Here you will find the division of the faculty's study programmes into fields of study valid from 1.9.2019, in which the faculty provides higher education.

5. The student uploads an electronic version of the thesis to AiS2 by the deadline - it consists of one .pdf file, which we recommend to test with a text-to-text tester before uploading to AiS2. The hard copy version of the thesis does not need to be submitted.


6. The student completes a license agreement in AiS2 for the use of the school work (NEW: AUTHOR'S SIGNATURE - see manual above). The license agreement does not need to be printed.


Delaying the publication of the IP in the license agreement for more than 12 months (max. 24 months) must be justified and confirmed by the responsible person of the relevant faculty - the request is made via AIS (manual).


7. The student fills in the thesis details such as page count and abstracts in the AiS2 system. Abstracts in Slovak and one foreign language are required. If the foreign language is other than English, the student must copy the Slovak or foreign language version of the abstract into the third field marked EN.  


8. If the student has published the school work or part of it in a periodical publication or as a non-periodical publication, he/she proves this by an affidavit filled in via AiS2 at the time of submission of the thesis or after submission (at the latest before the date of the defence of the thesis), depending on how the date of publication coincides with the date of submission of the thesis. The registered information of the affidavit is sent to the CRZP together with the thesis itself (see more in Article 11 of Rector's Directive 12/2013).

9. The student marks his/her work as final in AiS2. The final version of the thesis is automatically sent from AiS2 to CRZP and THESES (after marking the thesis as final, the assignment is also sent to CRZP, in which it will no longer be possible to change the name of the supervisor of the thesis, the title of the thesis). 


10. The thesis advisor and thesis opponent will enter their review and grade of the thesis (A-Fx) in AiS2 no later than 3 days prior to the defense. The thesis supervisor's assessment must also include a statement on the result of the originality protocol obtained from CRZP and THESES. The student sees both the supervisor's and the thesis opponent's assessment in AiS2 after the thesis has been entered into AiS2.


Detailed information on the content and formal requirements of theses, examples of how the cover of the thesis should look like, the title page, the method of mentioning the sources used, can be found in the Internal Regulation No. 32/2023 Directive of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava on the basic requirements of theses, rigorous theses and habilitation theses, control of their originality, storage and access to them at Comenius University in Bratislava and in the ATTACHMENTS.


We would also like to draw your attention to the information published on the website, in the section AIS, final theses.



                                                                                      PaedDr. Anežka Hamranová, PhD.

                                                                                      prodekanka pre vzdelávaciu činnosť

Applying for the state exam

Instructions for logging in are as follows:


Step 1: Before submitting your application to the SUS, you must have all course grades entered in AIS2. 


Step 2: Once you have all the grades in AiS2, download the state exam application form from the faculty's website (Forms). For each of your majors, you will list the courses as they are listed in the yearbook on the web. Registration for the thesis defense is contingent upon submission of the thesis by the deadline set in the current AR 2023/24 Schedule.


Step 3: Email the completed application forms to your Registrar in the Study Department by the deadline set by the current AR 2023/24 Timetable. The Registrar will enter the courses into AIS2.



The relevant department will not assign students to a specific state exam date until after the state exam registration deadline.


Students who have exceeded the standard length of study, or are studying more than one programme of study concurrently, must have paid tuition fees for the entire AR 2023/24 by the date of application to the FS.


Please use University email only when communicating with the Office of Academic Affairs.