Institute of Special Pedagogical Studies and Inclusive Education

The Institute of Special Pedagogical Studies and Inclusive Education is a unique workplace within the Comenius University in Bratislava. It provides university training of special educators and university studies in new - currently accredited study programmes in the field of special pedagogy. Until September 2009 these were the following Bc. and Mgr. study programmes - pedagogy of the mentally handicapped, pedagogy of the hearing impaired, special pedagogy - counselling. These study programmes are catching up in the Bachelor's degree, in the Master's degree they have been transformed into study specialisations within the study programme of special education since September 2009. The institute also provides service teaching for those degree programmes which have the discipline of special education in the content of education. The Department (now the Institute) has been repeatedly assessed by the working group of the Accreditation Commission as a workplace that is in the first place in Slovakia in the scientific and research activities in the given subject (special pedagogy). The members of the Institute are experienced university teachers, authors of many professional publications, university and secondary school textbooks as well as textbooks for special schools, solvers of scientific-research tasks and projects.