Teaching practice

Teaching practice is an essential part of study in teacher education programmes.

Students of study programmes undergo teaching practice from both disciplinary approbations within the subjects of teaching practice (A) and teaching practice (B). The designation (A) applies to the first professional approbation in the combination, the designation (B) to the second (according to the abbreviation of the study programme).

The aim of the teaching practice at the Bachelor's degree level is to enable students to observe the teaching process from the perspective of a future teacher. During one week of practice, the student observes the teaching process of tutoring teachers in an elementary or secondary school according to his/her subject specialization and, based on theoretical knowledge, learns about, analyzes, and interprets the teaching process in its entirety. The student keeps a personal portfolio of the lessons he/she has attended, which is an essential means of developing his/her personal commitment in preparation for the future teaching profession.

The aim of teaching practice at the master's degree level is to orient the student to real school practice, the work of teachers and pupils/students in the teaching process of the his/her approbation subject in primary and secondary schools. In the 1st  semester of study, the student will complete 30 hours of practice within 2 weeks, including 10 hours of observations, 10 hours of teaching and 10 hours of analyses with a tutoring teacher. In the 4th semester of study, the student will complete 45 hours of practice within 3 weeks, including 10 hours of observations, 20 hours of teaching and 15 hours of analyses with the tutoring teacher. The student will keep a personal portfolio of the teaching practice. Teaching practice leads students to confront theory with practice, to perceive the acquired knowledge, skills and competences in relation to the specific educational activity, to the specific work of the teacher, but above all in relation to the pupil.

Teaching practice is carried out in the terms determined by the schedule of the academic year of Faculty of Education, Comenius University Bratislava and is preceded by an initial instructional session of students with the methodologist of the of a given approbation.

The management of teaching practice for Faculty of Education, Comenius University Bratislava is provided by the Department of Teaching and Professional Practice. At the Bachelor's degree level, teaching practice (A) and teaching practice (B) are provided by teachers of the the Department of Pedagogy and the evaluation of the practice is also their responsibility. At the end of the teaching practice 1 (A) and the teaching practice 2 (A) at the master´s degee level, the students take part in a colloquium with the methodologist of his/her approbation, at which the practice is evaluated and reflected upon.

Practical teaching in the primary and secondary schools where students carry out their teaching practice is led by teachers with the required teaching experience in the subject.

The Faculty of Education, Comenius University Bratislava cooperates with schools on the basis of a contract on cooperation in accordance with the applicable legislation. The Faculty of Education, Comenius University Bratislava has concluded a contract with all schools in which students carry out teaching practice. The list of training schools is regularly updated.


Person responsible for cooperation with training schools:

PaedDr. Blanka Múčková Petríková, muckova(at)fedu.uniba.sk

Methodologists of teaching practice for the study programme Teaching of Slovak language and literature (in combination):

Mgr. Eva Faithová, PhD., faithova1(at)uniba.sk

Mgr. Ľubica Horváthová, PhD., horvathova6(at)uniba.sk