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tel: +421 250 222 135
fax: +421 250 222 185

mailing address: Račianska 59, 813 34 Bratislava, Slovensko

workplace: Šoltéšovej 4, 813 01 Bratislava, Slovensko

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures implements educational and scientific-research activities in the Romance languages with an emphasis on training a new generation of foreign languages teachers, experts in Romance linguistics, literature and culture.


The department provides accredited single or combined full-time and external studies of Romance languages. In the study program Training for teachers of academic subjects on bachelor's and master's degree it offers study programs French language and literature in combination with other study subject and Spanish language and literature in combination with other study subject. In the specific study program Foreign languages and culture it is possible to study French language and cultureand Spanish language and culture in the bachelor's programs. Romance languages and cultures is possible to study in master's and PhD. doctoral studies. Modern conception of the study programs of Romance languages offers students also from other Slovak or foreign universities to continue in their study in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. The department has the right to do rigorous exams.


Research in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures is rather multidisciplinary with main focus on improvement of preparation of foreign languages teachers, raising the effectiveness of teaching of foreign languages, corpus linguistics, computer linguistics, philosophy of language, psycholinguistics, translatology, contrastive linguistics, lexicology, phraseology, terminology, lexicography. Literary studies are focused first of all on literal comparison, history of a novel and artistic translation.


The department cooperates with foreign universities in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, sends and receives the students and teachers in the framework of academic mobility programs, cooperates actively with embassies and cultural institutes in Slovakia.