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About WiFI

WiFi (wireless local area network) is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN (WLAN) network. Devices which can use WiFi technology include personal computers, video-game consoles, smartphones, digital cameras, tablet computers and digital audio players. Wi-Fi compatible devices can connect to the Internet via a WLAN network and a wireless access point (or hotspot).

Eduroam stands for Education Roaming and is a service allowing users of participating institutions to access the Internet at other participants using their home institution's credentials. This way an administration of access to the network and applications is reduced and the mobility of users is increased.

WiFI access


Eduroam is a service allowing users of participating institutions to access the Internet at other participants using their home institution's credentials - for Comenius University it is university login and L1 password.

The existence of service does not presumes right for use of the service. The faculty is not liable for the unavailability of services at individual workplaces.

Manuals and How-to


SSID: eduroam

Credentials for Comenius University: university login and L1 password

Manual: please see how to set up Eduroam

Faculty/local WiFi Access

Information about local WiFi access on the faculty and the affiliated institutes are available directly in their coverage areas (SSID, method of verification, etc.).

IT support PdF - more informations.

Access to the service:

The WiFi service is intended for students and CU staff, as well as for coming from the institutions participating in the Eduroam project. Should the terms of use of the service be violated, certain users can be excluded from the use of the service. Before using the service, user’s name and password authentication allocated to each CU staff member and student at the central database of persons (CDP) is requested. They can be looked up at https://cdo.uniba.sk/public/findPK. (Slovak) 
External users requesting user’s credentials should apply at their home institution.

Use of service:

To use the service, a wireless client card is required with your device (802.11b or802.11g) and you must be within the range of the WiFi connection. The service must be configured in the operation system. The  PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 8, 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, 
Android devices, iPhone, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux (Mandriva, Debian), 
Windows XP and others Windows  connections have been realized. The name of the wireless network (SSID), to which you can get connected within the WiFi service, is eduroam. The service is gradually being introduced to all CU parts. If you are not within the range of the access point, do not despair, the situation can get changed.


Configure your client according the manuals found in the upper part of this site.