Faculty of EducationComenius University in Bratislava

The history of the Department

The history of the Department

Since its very beginning the Faculty of Education has been running a number of study programmes for the future pre-primary and primary teachers. The faculty has trained a huge number of excellent professionals for the primary level of education.

At the beginning, the training for pre-primary and primary teachers was organized by the Department of Pedagogy. However, due to some changes and a transformation of the educational system a new department was established in 1995 called The Department of Pre-school and Elementary Pedagogy, which was renamed into the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education in 2011. At that time, it was a part of the Institute of Pre-primary and Primary Education.

The Department was again renamed a couple years later and since 1st December 2013, it is officially called the Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education.

The Profile of the Department

The Department of Preprimary and Elementary Education of the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava is focused on educational, theoretic and research issues in education of preprimary and primary school children. In accordance with the principles and the mission of the university, which represents a unity of education and research, the team of it teachers and research workers prepares students for their future profession as teachers. The department provides university education for teachers in bachelor´s degree program Preschool and Elementary Education (Bc.), in master´s degree program Teaching for Primary Schools (Mgr.) and doctoral program Preschool and Elementary Education (PhD.).

The prevailing orientation of the department arises from focusing of its academic staff on particular fields of educational science. Their professional activity is devoted to investigation of factors, assumptions, processes and results related to current state of education. Their partial theoretic findings and research results enhance the developing educational science.

Research fields:

1. A child in preprimary and primary education process

2. Issues of teaching process and teaching profession in preprimary and primary education

The strategic goals of the Department are the following:

To develop theories of pre-primary and primary education through own projects as well as through cooperation with relevant departments of the university and research institutions and subsequently to apply these theories into teaching practice.

To support the transformation of the institutional pre-primary and primary pedagogy, that is to transform the traditional curriculum into a modern one using the latest didactic and educational conceptions.

To organize and supervise the teaching process and to teach in the accredited programmes of the faculty.

To improve the pre-primary and primary teachers´ pedagogical performance and to constantly monitor graduates´ performance in their future teaching jobs.

To organize cooperation with the other departments and to unify the most crucial views of the role of the pre-primary and primary teacher in the current education.