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Graduate´s profile

Graduate´s profile


Dear candidates, welcome to our website.

Our department has a long tradition in training teachers for pre-primary institutions (pre-primary education), primary schools (primary education) and for school club educators.

The department is a part of the Institute of Education Studies and it covers teaching and teacher training of students at the department. The diploma that you will have received is highly recognized both in Slovakia and abroad.

The graduate from our department will have received the theoretical knowledge, professional competences and practical skills that they will utilize in their future teaching career. The graduate will be able to design educational projects, design curricula, evaluate educational process and the students´ progress, to plan the leisure time activities and to teach at pre-primary and primary schools.

The graduate may work as:

Pre-primary teacher

Primary teacher

Teaching assistant at primary school


Methodologist for various pre-primary and primary educational institutions

Specialist in the field of primary education

Methodologist in the field of pre-primary and primary education

Specialist in pre-primary and primary education at government institutions

The study of pre-primary and primary education consists of the Bachelor´s and the Master´s studies.

The practical training is an inseparable part of the Bachelor´s and the Master´s study programmes with a major in teaching at pre-primary and primary level. The training is conducted as:

Continuous observations

Continuous observations and teaching performance

Final teaching performance