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Research profile

Department of Fine Art Education primary focuses on scientific research in the arts and art- educational field . The object of research is a visual art and  art education as a whole , also in response to the social and interdisciplinary context of the relationship of art - man - living space.


Research projects

UK/170/2022. Research into the contribution of the state of flow to the work of Key Stage 1 pupils in art lessons. Principal Investigator: D. Weissová (Doctoral supervisor: prof. PaedDr. D. Valachová, PhD.) 

2021 - 2022 Visegrad Scholarship Program #521101495, 2-semester post-master stay for Katrzyna Agnieszka Turoň z Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport and Aviation EngineeringDepartment of Road Transport, 8 Krasińskiego Str. 40-019 Katowice, Poland. (supervisor:Mgr. art. Martin Ševčovič, ArtD.) 

2020 - 2022 KEGA 003UK-4/2020 Assessment in Visual Art Assessment in Visual Art. M. Ševčovič. M. X. Bergerová, A. Sládek, M. Repiská.

OPLZ-PO1/2019/DOP/1.3.1-01, Improving the preparation of future teaching staff in the fields of humanities, social sciences, languages and arts education.. 1. 10. 2020 - 31. 03. 2023. Co-investigator for the Department of Art Education D. Valachová, M. Ševčovič.

2019 - 2021 KEGA 002KU-4/2019 Embodied experience using art action/An embodied experience using art action. Project co-investigator. D. Valachová.

2019 - 2021 KEGA - 003UMB-4/2019 Strategies in Art Education 2 - Continuity and Development of Didactic Competences of Students in Study Programmes of PF UMB/Strategies in Art Education 2 - Continuity and Development of Didactic Competences of Students in Study Programmes of PF UMB. Co-investigator D. Valachová.

2017 - 2019 VEGA 1/0179/17 | 11 | Research on the identifiers of artistic giftedness and talent in children and youth. Principal Investigator. D. Valachová. M. Ševčovič, V. Weberová (PhD student), M. Kepičová (PhD student), L. Minichová (PhD student).

2015 UK325/2015. Scope and use of painting art techniques in educational practice in relation to issues of artistic communication between teacher and student. Researchers: PaedDr. Veronika Weberová (PhD. student)

2014 Grant of Ministry of Culture SR MK-2616/2014/4.3.2 nm. 174. Between intimacy and body. Researcher: Mgr. art. Karin Patúcová, ArtD.

2014 KEGA 049UK-4/2014. Intermedia creative laboratory in nature. Researchers: Mgr. art. Dominika Horáková, ArtD., Mgr. art. Karin Patúcová, ArtD., Mgr. art. Ján Triaška, ArtD., Mgr. Zoltán Boráros, PhD./Mgr. art. Veronika Selingerová, ArtD., Mgr. art. Anabela Sládek, ArtD., Mgr. Pavol Breier, ArtD., Mgr. Iva Paštrnáková, PhD.

2014 UK/358/2014. Slovak art illustration and illustrators of educational literature and schoolbooks. Researchers: Mgr. Jana Grešová (PhD. student)

2014 UK/250/2014. The Portrait of a crown as a symbol of national education. Researchers: Mgr. Zoltán Boráros, PhD. (PhD. student)

2013 KEGA 026UK-4/2013. Art education in the world of contemporary art and new media. Researchers: PaedDr. Martina Pavlikánová, PhD., PhDr. Edita Vološčuková, PhD. (FF PU), Mgr. art. Dominika Horáková, ArtD., Mgr. art. Ján Triaška, ArtD., Mgr. Miloš Kmeť, PhD. (PhD. student)

2013 VEGA 1/0161/13. Determinants of the development of artistic talents of individuals with dissabilities in inclusion. Researchers: doc. paedDr. Hedviga Gregušová, CSc., doc. PaedDr. Daniela Valachová, PhD., PaedDr. Martina Pavlikánová, PhD.


2013 UK/486/2013. Interpretation and analysis of selected artworks of Slovak artists of the 20th century. Researchers: Mgr. Barbora Okasová, PhD. (PhD. student)


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