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Research profile

Department of Fine Art Education primary focuses on scientific research in the arts and art- educational field . The object of research is a visual art and  art education as a whole , also in response to the social and interdisciplinary context of the relationship of art - man - living space.


Research projects

2015 UK325/2015. Scope and use of painting art techniques in educational practice in relation to issues of artistic communication between teacher and student. Researchers: PaedDr. Veronika Weberová (PhD. student)

2014 Grant of Ministry of Culture SR MK-2616/2014/4.3.2 nm. 174. Between intimacy and body. Researcher: Mgr. art. Karin Patúcová, ArtD.

2014 KEGA 049UK-4/2014. Intermedia creative laboratory in nature. Researchers: Mgr. art. Dominika Horáková, ArtD., Mgr. art. Karin Patúcová, ArtD., Mgr. art. Ján Triaška, ArtD., Mgr. Zoltán Boráros, PhD./Mgr. art. Veronika Selingerová, ArtD., Mgr. art. Anabela Sládek, ArtD., Mgr. Pavol Breier, ArtD., Mgr. Iva Paštrnáková, PhD.

2014 UK/358/2014. Slovak art illustration and illustrators of educational literature and schoolbooks. Researchers: Mgr. Jana Grešová (PhD. student)

2014 UK/250/2014. The Portrait of a crown as a symbol of national education. Researchers: Mgr. Zoltán Boráros, PhD. (PhD. student)

2013 KEGA 026UK-4/2013. Art education in the world of contemporary art and new media. Researchers: PaedDr. Martina Pavlikánová, PhD., PhDr. Edita Vološčuková, PhD. (FF PU), Mgr. art. Dominika Horáková, ArtD., Mgr. art. Ján Triaška, ArtD., Mgr. Miloš Kmeť, PhD. (PhD. student)

2013 VEGA 1/0161/13. Determinants of the development of artistic talents of individuals with dissabilities in inclusion. Researchers: doc. paedDr. Hedviga Gregušová, CSc., doc. PaedDr. Daniela Valachová, PhD., PaedDr. Martina Pavlikánová, PhD.

2013 UK/486/2013. Interpretation and analysis of selected artworks of Slovak artists of the 20th century. Researchers: Mgr. Barbora Okasová, PhD. (PhD. student)


Publications of our Department

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Creative education 2013

VALACHOVÁ, Daniela. 2012. Didaktika výtvarnej výchovy v primárnom vzdelávaní. Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, 2012.

VALACHOVÁ, Daniela. 2010. Výtvarná edukácia v predprimárnom vzdelávaní a mimoškolskej činnosti. Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, 2010.