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The members of the Department are the reputable speech and language therapists, who belong to the leading scientific authorities in communication disorders in Slovakia and abroad. Scientific and research activities of the Department has a continual character. Its members are dealing with domestic and foreign grants the results of which are accepted not only at home but also abroad.

The main fields of scientific research:

  • assessing speech intelligibility of children and adults,
  • diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders,
  • longitudinal study of children’s gestures development,
  • diagnosis and treatment of disorders in language development,
  • communication disorders in acquired neurogenic disorders.

Grants and projects

The recent foreign grants and projects:

LPP Erazmus Academic Networs: Network for Tunning Stardards and Quality of Educational Programs for Speech and Language Therapist in Europe. The coordinator in Slovakia: prof. Cséfalvay, PhD. (2010-2013). http://www.netques.eu Newsletter - Netques 2013

Grant Marie Curie: International research of literacy - ELDEL The coordinator in Slovakia: doc. Marína Mikulajová, PhD. (2008-2011)

Cost action IS0804. Specific language impairment in multilingual society. : Mgr. S. Kapalková, PhD. (2010-2012)

Cost action - project 33. Cross-linguistic stages of child linguistic performance. Co-worker: Mgr. S. Kapalková, PhD. (2010-2012)

The recent Slovak grants


Grant APVV 15-0155 (2016-2019): Communication deficits in Parkinson´s disease. The main co-worker: prof. Zs. Cséfalvay

Grant APVV: Cognitive-communication deficits in patients with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. (2012-2015). The main co-worker: prof. Zs. Cséfalvay

Grant APVV: The heard text comprehension (2012-2015). The main co-worker: dr. S. Kapalková

Grant VEGA: Language-specific deficits in patients with brain damage.(2012-2014). The main co-worker: prof. Zs. Cséfalay

Grant VEGA: Identification of factors influencing the sentence comprehension in Slovak language in healthy children and adult population. (2012-2014). The main co-worker: doc. J. Marková