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About us


The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures carries out educational and scientific research activities in the Romance languages, focusing on training of foreign languages teachers, experts in Romance linguistics, literatures and cultures.

The department provides accredited single or combined full-time and external study programmes in Romance languages. In the study programme teaching of academic subjects offers the following majors in the bachelorĀ“s and masterĀ“s levels: French language and literature in combination with other study subjects and Spanish language and literature in combination with other study subjects. PhD studies in Romance languages and Cultures may be taken in Slovak or English language with all philological subjects taught in a Romance language. The modern conception of the study programmes of Romance languages gives students from any Slovak or foreign universities an option to continue their studies in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. The department is also accredited for PaedDr. studies.

Research activities in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures are rather multidisciplinary, focusing on preparation of foreign languages teachers. The Department of Romance Languages investigates the issues of intercultural relations among those countries in which Romance languages are spoken (especially Hispanic-, Franco- and Italophone). Intercultural issues are also studied with respect to Slovakia and the Slovak language observed in a broader European context. In the field of linguistics, the department focuses on contrastive comparison of the Romance languages with Slovak. In didactics the focus is laid upon investigating plurilinguism.


The department cooperates with foreign universities in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Greece, it provides mobility programmes for teachers and students. The department cooperates actively with embassies and cultural institutes in Slovakia.