Faculty of EducationComenius University in Bratislava


Research projects

Title and number of project: Inovation of the pregraduate teacher
training aimed at the didactic technological competence development, KEGA č. 041UK-4/2017

Title and number of project: Designing and development of terminology and explanatory dictionary of school management for teacher training courses and school management staff training followed by supplementing its functionalities in LMS Moodle, KEGA č. 007UK-4/2016

Title and number of project:
Developing tools for improving the quality of university teachers in exploring and managing the processes of teaching and learning, project of EHP Slovakia - SK06-IV-02-0006

Title and number of project:
Moral attitudes of children and adults in the family and school : applied research and methodological materials for teachers, educational counselors and prevention coordinators, KEGA - 026UK-4/2015

Title and number of project: Research on self-regulation by the students in lower secondary education - standardization of questionnaires measuring instruments SRQ -Academic a SRQ Prosocial, VEGA - 1/0635/15

Title and number of project: Content innovation of the course School Management followed by the making a modern university coursebook to an e-course situated into environment LMS Moodle for the of study Education and for teachers of continuing education, KEGA - 018UK-4/2013

Title and number of project: Social microculture children in difficult life situations, č. 1/0445/11

Title and number of project: Designing interdisciplinary educational models and their implementation in teaching cross-cutting themes in the national curricula, KEGA 023UK-4/2012

Title and number of project:  Quality of life indicators in the context of education, VEGA 1/0266/14

Title and number of project: Preparing young people in children's homes, re-education centers - Analysis and Innovations, APVV–0368–12

Title and number of project: Terminology Glossary of social pedagogy - č. 1/2007

Project SoTL - "Development of Tools for Enhancing the Quality of University Teachers´ Scholarship of Teaching and Learning"

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