UK students may apply to change their programmes of study within the same field of study. This is not conducted by means of an admission procedure (Article 17 of the new Study Regulations of the Faculty of Education and the Comenius University). The conditions for admission to study in the case of a transfer include fulfilling the conditions of the control stage of study in the original study programme and the capacity conditions of the new study programme in the relevant academic year and the successful completion of an examination. The content and scope of the examination shall be decided by the study programme guarantor.

Department of English Language and Literature

Bachelor's degree

Teaching of English Language and Literature Combined

To transfer to the Bachelor's degree programme, the applicant must meet the same standard requirements for admission in the particular academic year.

The UAJL Program Supervisor will make the final decision regarding the recognition of courses that the applicant has completed in his/her original programme of study.


Master's degree

Teaching of English Language and Literature Combined


Form: written test and oral examination

Aim: The aim of the examination is to assess the applicant’s mastery of the required theoretical knowledge and his/her English language skills and competences as well as those in the supporting disciplines of the study programme (linguistics, didactics, literature and history and culture of English speaking countries).

Content: The written test will focus on English language proficiency at the C1 level. If the applicant presents a certificate indicating that he/she has successfully completed a standardised examination at C1 level, he/she does not have to take the written test (the list of accepted examination certificates is updated annually).

The oral examination will consist of three parts focusing on 1. English language on all linguistic levels (morphology and syntax, phonetics and phonology, lexicology), 2. didactics of English, 3. English and American literature and the history and culture of English-speaking countries.

Scope: The required knowledge from each discipline is at the level of the compulsory core of the Teaching of English Language and Literature for the bachelor's degree programme.


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