Academic priorities and focus of scientific research in the department

Scientific research in the Department is conducted on several levels. First of all, it is the study of linguistic and application-linguistic problems with an emphasis on the confrontational relations between English and Slovak, especially in the field of grammar, lexicology, phonetics and phonology. Various language schools of thought are also explored as applied to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Another level of research concerns literature, namely British and American literature, the use of a comparative approach in relation to Slovak literature. The research also focuses on the use of literature in foreign language teaching. The third area of scientific research work concerns the didactics of English language and psycholinguistics. The communicative approach is studied from the theoretical point of view (as a set of principles and axioms), as well as in its application to the teaching of various linguistic resources and communicative skills. Much attention is paid to the observation of psychological peculiarities influencing the effectiveness of foreign language learning, as well as to the use of modern technologies in teaching.