Faculty of EducationComenius University in Bratislava

Research Profile

The ​research activities at the department are directed at several areas. First and foremost, members of the department focus on the investigation of selected linguistic issues with special emphasis placed on confrontational and comparative relations between English and Slovak, particularly in the field of phonetics, lexicology, and grammar. In addition to this, various linguistic and didactic schools of thought are being investigated. Next, academic research into British and American literature is being conducted at the department, and attention is also paid to the application of literary texts in foriegn language teaching. The third area of research is concerned with the English language teaching methodology and psycholinguistics. Communicative approach to teaching is being investigated from both theoretical and practical points of view, mainly in connection with the use of language means and communicative skills. Special attention is devoted to the study of psychological factors determining the effectiveness of foreign language learning, and also to the application of modern technologies in the classroom.